Welcome. I am so glad to have you here. My name is Jenna Stubbe. I am a local Doula, Mentor, Artist, and the heart and hands behind Mother Willow.


Since I was a child, the process of reproduction has absolutely fascinated me. My childhood books about pregnancy anatomy and 'Where Babies Come From', were never far out of reach. Whether I was helping my barbies give birth, sculpting womb babies out of clay or watching the animals birth on our family farm, I was passionate about childbirth from the start. As I look back I understand that I was always destined for this work. After becoming a Mother myself, I finally answered that calling and began my Doula training. I have now gratefully been serving families professionally since 2014.

Mindful Mother Doula Photography

Training/ Education:


- Year-long mentorship and training with 17 year experienced Doula, Becky Purpur

- Pregnancy Loss Mentor with the Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath & Death

- Certifying Doula with Birth Arts International. 

- Rebozo Trained and Certified with Gena Kirby.

- Certified Sacred Pregnancy & Birth Journey Instructor 

- Birth Art Mentor Certified with Birthing From Within

- Placenta Training with Placenta Benefits

- Pregnancy & women's health seminars with Clinical Herbalist, Abrah Arneson.

My calling to birth work has been present since I was a young child. That calling has influenced my choices in educational opportunities, personal development, and experiences throughout my entire life. Much of this has proven extremely beneficial and necessary to my skills and current service as a Doula and Mentor. I consistently work at continuing my education through books, videos, classes/ training, communicating with other professionals/ community members, and personal development.




I have supported families through: VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean), Water Birth (home & hospital), Premature Birth (vaginal & cesarean), Home Birth with Midwives, Hospital Birth with Midwives & Doctors, First Births, Subsequent Births, Medicated and Unmedicated Birth, Induced Birth, Loss, and Cesarean Birth.