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Red Deer's Holistic + Evidence Based Prenatal Classes

Inspired. Informed. Supported.

Prenatal education offers us the opportunity to explore and create our own personal map to the childbearing journey. A map that is personalized to each of our own unique desires and needs, both mental and physical.

Like any map, it exists not just to take us from point A to B or show us the landmarks along the way but to also provide guidance should our journey need to take a new unplanned route. In this personal childbirth map that you cultivate, your mind, heart and intuition serve as the compass rose; helping guide you to know which choices are right for you

Mother Willow offers four different types of childbirth education classes and options.

Read more about our class offerings by clinking on the type of session you're interested in below.



5 Week Series


Birth Essence








What our community is saying.

"We are so grateful for the weekly sessions as we both agreed it made us more prepared and confident in the labour and birthing process. It also allowed us to connect with each other, and that was something that has been hard to do with everything we had going on."

“She filled us with hope, knowledge, peace and courage. I can’t imagine my pregnancy without this experience. It’s helped me immensely through this difficult but beautiful journey. This class helped me become closer to myself and the child I carry within me. I’m very blessed to receive the knowledge that Jenna shared with us. Thank you so much Mother Willow.”


"I took a private prenatal class with Jenna and all I can say is WOW! What a wonderful class. She was such a joy and wealth of information for me! Thank you for being a piece of this wonderful journey with us!!"

"Jenna invests her heart and soul into her programming. She provides a warm and relaxed environment to learn and meet new friends. I looked forward to each and every prenatal class, and weekend workshops."

"We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop last Thursday and are walking away feeling more confident and excited for the upcoming weeks!"

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