Childbirth Education


Mother Willow Prenatal offers expecting individuals & families small group classes that weave together both traditional and holistic childbirth education. Set up in a relaxing environment, each session immerses parents in hands-on activities that compliment our discussion topics. Our aim is not only to help parents empower themselves with tools and knowledge, but also to enhance their experience of the childbearing journey. Because your birth and baby are so unique, we offer a variety of flexible skills you can call upon that will help you navigate your individual unfolding journey.

We welcome both first time and experienced parents, as we believe these sessions are enriching for each. We recommend taking the classes during the latter part of your second trimester. This will allow yourself time to integrate, contemplate, explore and practice everything you will learn.




“You have never birthed this baby and your baby has never experienced this birth. You are entering this journey together.”

5 Week Group Sessions


These prenatal classes are divided into 5 sessions, allowing us to explore topics in a focused and paced approach. 


Classes are taught one evening/morning a week (3-4 hrs. in duration each) for 5 consecutive weeks. We offer limited seating for each cycle of classes in order to maintain quality. This also allows us more time to answer questions and give extra one-on-one support.  In addition to providing all materials, each birther (couple) receives a gift bag of useful and inspiring items. You will also walk away with a few useful items for childbirth that you will have created by the end of our series. We supply snacks and refreshments throughout the entire class.

Week 1: Pregnancy 

  • Comfort & relaxation techniques for pregnancy.

  • Body awareness and further developing your intuition.

  • Creating your childbirth support team.

  • Understanding your personal beliefs, fears, and expectations of birth.

  • And more.


Week 2: Birth 

  • Understanding the physical and emotional journey of labour.

  • Communication with your family and support team.

  • Comfort and coping techniques.

  • Informed choice.

  • Overview of medical interventions.

  • Preparing your birth supplies and environment.

  • And more.


Week 3: Postpartum 

  • Understanding the postpartum journey; the hours and weeks following birth.

  • Postpartum options of care for mom and newborn.

  • Creating your babymoon plan and natural care items.

  • And more.


Week 4: Well Baby 

  • Undertanding the physical and emotional newborn journey.

  • Newborn care (feeding, hygiene, babywearing, etc.).

  • Breastfeeding basics & other feeding options.

  • Hygiene & diapering options.

  • Comfort & care techniques.

  • Create infant care items.

  • And more.

Week 5: Pampering Day 

  • A special surprise day of pampering, relaxation, connection and support.


Fee: $250 per birther/couple for the 5 wk. group classes. A $50 deposit is required with registration.


If you are interested in private sessions, please contact me for more information. If you are experiencing financial hardships, please contact us to discuss payment plans and other options. We strive to make our classes accessible to all that would sincerely like to learn and participate.  



One of our most popular offerings, our one day workshops are such a great opportunity to spend time doing fun activities and learning something new during your pregnancy & postpartum journey. Some of our workshops also offer a much deeper exploration of topics we cover during the 5 week prenatal sessions. Clients of our workshops always seem to enjoy the chance to connect with supportive, like-minded individuals. Follow our Facebook or Instagram page for up-to-date information on those events.  

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