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Private sibling classes and workshops take place in the comfort + privacy of your own home.


Sibling Classes
+ Workshops

While sibling support has always been a part of my care practice as a Doula, I’m so excited to announce this opportunity that is dedicated solely to those special little siblings within our community!

These sessions provide activities and support that is geared to each unique child and family, ensuring that they feel included, prepared and validated.

What this experience provides:

  • Supports a siblings experience + perspective.

  • Holds space for their unique feelings + voice.

  • Fosters memories of their own.

  • Provides age appropriate education + understanding.

  • Centers play, storytelling and creative learning.

  • Customized to each child's and family's comfort level.

  • Provided in child's home/ comfort space or outdoors.

  • Offers ways for them to be involved + empowered.

  • Prepares them and honours their important role in this experience.

  • Quality time with family before baby arrives.

What may be included:


  • Doll role play + learning (I carry an array of dolls in various sizes, weights, and skin colors).

  • Educational colouring pages.

  • Guided expressive arts experiences (I am an EA facilitator).

  • Craft gifts for themselves, baby or parent.

  • Books + stories.

  • Answering their questions.

Geared for children aged 2- 12, each session runs for 90 mins. Sessions are $60 for one child, additional material fees apply for multiple children.

In-person public sessions take place in the comfort of your home or outdoors (if you are local). 

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