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Mission + Vision
Mother Willow focuses on restoring traditional conception + postpartum care practices within our community in order to nurture local families through the emotional, physical and spiritual experiences that these passageways bring forth. Through this holistic, educational and individualized support we foster healthier and happier outcomes for individuals and families; while working to reverse rising experiences of loneliness, depression, anxiety, trauma, suicide, etc. within the childbearing years.
Postpartum Care
The days and weeks following birth are messy, precious and transformative. It is a time of welcoming in and learning how to care for this unique child you have brought into the world. It is weeks of deep physical healing and emotional processing as you cross the threshold into parenting. It is also a space of discovering the “new you” and returning to your life forever changed. During this special time we care for families with traditional healing practices that encompass warmth, retreat, support, rest and acknowledgment.

Let's begin planning your postpartum care plan.
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Conscious Conception
The path to conceiving a child is intricate and varied; it involves much more than just a singular passionate physical experience. We have lost so much of the wisdom and love that surrounds our fertile years (and the early pregnancy threshold as well). Remember, you begin growing your child long before conception takes place. Spending time preparing physically, emotionally and spiritually creates wellness that will carry through into your pregnancy, postpartum and parenting journey.

Let's begin cultivating and supporting that journey together.
Painting Equipments
Creativity for Wellness
The journey of childbirth, in it's many paths, is closely intertwined with the creative process.

Let's begin cultivating and supporting that journey together.
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