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Bodywork + Nurturing
Bodywork + Nurturing
Additional Services
Support Practices
Our birthing experiences + stories will shape and impact each of us for the rest of our lives. Babies are born, but so are the parents simultaneously. At Mother Willow, an inclusive + family centered approach to providing support care is an essential element to my practice. No matter how your unique childbirth experience looks + unfolds, I will be there to provide experienced + compassionate guidance and support as you each navigate through this transformative journey.
Compassionate Listening
Whether it's decompressing from your birth story, feeling frustrated with Grandma's outdated (but well intended) advice or feeling like you don't have anyone who truly understands, I will be there to listen without judgement. The drawing-in of postpartum can sometimes leave us feeling alone, left behind or voiceless as we pull away from the fast pace or when everyone only seems to ask after the new baby. A compassionate and understanding ear can seem simple, but that doesn't negate its importance during the postpartum journey.

* Each postpartum session begins with space for you to share and release.
Light Housekeeping
Birth is messy and so is the postpartum journey. Our feelings can go up and down, left to right, all while our bodies are leaking in many places; our home environment can also feel the same. So, whether it's a load of dishes, a basket of laundry or a tidy-up of your comfort space, a few less tasks can help us sink into the necessary rest and healing we need (both in body and mind). So take a shower, have a nap or binge a Neflix show while I take care of those things.
Botanicals + Comfort Items
Hand-blended and customized creations to support your recovery during the time between our visits. Dependant on your needs this can include items like: a postpartum herbal sitz blend for sore bottoms, an abdominal/ womb massage oil to support uterine contraction, nerve supporting tea, an aromatherapy heat pack, padsicles, sleep mask or more.
Newborn Education + Assistance
The early days of our newborn's life are spent learning about their communication, 
The early days of our newborn's life are spent learning about their communication, 
  • Access to my lending library of books & DVDs

  • Phone, text & email support

  • Errands, grocery shopping, etc.

  • Meal tree organization/ management

  • Resources and referrals

The early days of our newborn's life are spent learning about their communication, 
Choose Your Gift
A few of the postpartum packages have an add-on option in order to receive a handcrafted gift scubas a mini custom painting, cord burning ceremonial box, 
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