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Candle in Glass Jar
Intentionally deciding to invite a baby into your lives can be one of the most profound choices we undertake. Embarking on such a journey consciously allows you to nourish an experience that will grow + support more than just the child you hope for. This is something you can begin years or months prior, depending on how deep you wish to explore and where you are presently within that fertility journey.

There is no need to wait until a second line appears on a pregnancy test to celebrate + nourish yourselves. In fact, doing so prior to conception welcomes the opportunity to create a healthier environment for the child we wish to welcome. Nurturing the well-being in our bodies, minds and relationships will only foster the childbearing journey for yourself, your child and your partner (if applicable). Conscious conception helps establish an awareness + understanding about yourself and sets you up with practices that will continue to benefit you longterm; including for if conception doesn't happen or we experience the loss of our child/ pregnancy. The wisdom about our fertility cycles and process.
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