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10 Trusted Local Childbirth Resources

“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.” - Jane Howard 

While each expecting person already has within them the intuition and wisdom to birth and parent their child, having a trusted support circle can often ease that experience and give us a safe place to go when the need may call us.

Here are just 10 of my favorite local and trusted resources to share with expecting families in our community. If you have a favorite that has not been mentioned, please share and let us know about them!

1. Red Deer Doula Association

Red Deer Association is a non-profit society that helps to spread awareness and education throughout our community. They assist in helping families connect with local Doulas and childbirth resources. This collective is made up of many different individuals, offering their many different types of care and private services. 

Website: www.reddeerdoulaassociation.com

Contact: rddadoulas@gmail.com

2. Elle Physiotherapy & Pelvic Health

Elle Physiotherapy provides a safe and welcoming clinical space where they offer specialized pelvic health treatment and education for our community. Including treatment for prolapse, pelvic pain, pre/post-natal conditions and much more. 

Website: www.ellepelvichealth.com

Contact: ellepelvichealth@gmail.com

3. Prairie Midwives

Prairie Midwives is a team of providers who specialize in comprehensive care for the childbearing year. From prenatal, birth and postpartum, our midwives serve low-risk families throughout their whole journey. Their services are available to both families seeking a hospital or home birth experience. They also provide a beautiful clinic space for your prenatal and postpartum appointments. 

Website: www.prairiemidwives.ca

Contact: midwives@prairiemidwives.ca

4. Family First Chiropractic and Wellness

Family First is a very supportive and friendly treatment office that provides a variety of professional services to our community. Among those services is specialized care for local prenatal and postnatal families. Family First is a long-standing and committed pillar within our community. 

Website: www.family1stchiro.ca

Contact: 403.347.3261 

5. Cara McGinnis Counseling

Cara McGinnis offers compassionate, non-judgmental counselling, for women and families seeking support on their journey. With an office located amongst the peaceful countryside, Cara offers personalized sessions that can even include “Walk & Talk” therapy, that can be an alternative to traditional office care.

Website: www.caramcginnis.com

Contact: info.caramcginnis@gmail.com

6. Ask For Acupuncture

Dr. Lowell and Angel Ask have been providing their experienced and professional care for many years in our local community. Families can receive not only Acupuncture but services such as Cupping and Chinese Therapeutic Massage as well (and more). 

Website: www.askforacupuncture.ca

Contact: info@askforacupuncture.ca

7. Pregnancy Care Center

Our local Pregnancy Care Center offers families facing an unexpected pregnancy, compassionate (and free) support and services. Their safe and non-judgemental space is open to all expecting individuals regardless of age, background, religion or race. 

Website: www.pregnancycare.ca

Contact: info@pregnancycare.ca

8. La Leche League Canada (Central Alberta Chapter)

LLLC is a national charity and part of a worldwide organization that offers peer-to-peer support for families in our community who are looking to learn about breastfeeding and human milk. They also provide educational programs and resources for professionals. Trained volunteers host regular local meetings (that are free of charge to attend) that provide support, community connection and evidence-based information. 

Website: www.lllc.ca

Contact: 403.348.2410 

9. Birth Supplies Canada

Birth Supplies is a great local source for childbirth products and supplies. While they are located in Calgary, they regularly ship to families Central Alberta and offer wonderful customer service when they do. Local families that are under the care of midwives also have the option of ordering custom premade birth kits designed just for clients of Prairie Midwives.

Website: www.midwiferysupplies.ca

Contact: info@birthsuppliescanada.ca

10. Childbirth Education - Mother Willow

I provide local families with nurturing and comprehensive childbirth education in both public and private settings. The sessions I facilitate are personalized to each small group/ individual and offer a safe, supportive space to explore and learn through a balance of information, demonstrations, and interactive activities. 

Website: www.motherwillow.ca

Contact: motherwillowprenatal@hotmail.com

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