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Dreams Within the Womb

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

Did you know your baby begins to dream whilst still in the warmth of your womb? What do they dream of do you suppose?

Most likely they dream of the voices that filter through into their watery world. Such as Mother's beautiful voice in all its many real states. From muffled sobs and angry roars to soothing coos and boisterous laughter, baby knows it well.

Maybe they dream of the soothing sounds of Mother’s drumming heartbeat and the blood rushing as it ever flows like a river within them. Rushing with an ancient knowing and life sustaining determination.

They may dream of those soft squeezes as their womb wrap gently squeezes them goodnight. Perhaps their dreams reflect memories of knowing hands caressing a stretched and swollen abdomen.

No, we won't ever know for sure what sleepy visions or sensations those dreaming babes will experience. It is a secret world only for them. But isn't it amazing that while they journey in their dream world, you do so as well. While you both slumber together your dreams are weaving you each stories. Maybe sometimes in different shapes, in different sounds, in different ways, you meet each other there.

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