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Postpartum Support

After your birth I will remain with you for up to 4 hours. During this time I will help you get settled in, assist you with breastfeeding, prepare some food/snacks. I will also busy myself with cleaning or other tasks, and allow you and your partner bonding time as a new family. I will leave when you feel confident and comfortably tucked in to rest. In the days and weeks following birth I will be available to provide informational, emotional and physical support. I can help answer questions and aid you in this transition. I will provide you with a warm meal, breastfeeding support, along with some light cleaning. I also provide some postpartum pampering for clients that wish to receive it. I am available for extended and more in depth postpartum support for an additional fee. During your postpartum journey I am available by phone, text and email for up to one year postpartum.