Preconception Doula Support

Deciding to have a baby can be one of the most exciting decisions you ever make. For some the journey to becoming pregnant is easy and quick, for others, it may be long and arduous. One thing they have in common, however, is that both journeys (and all those in between) are being done with conscious intention. From the emotional to physical processes, conscious conception gives families the opportunity to embark into the childbearing journey with a greater foundation. From deeper relationship connections (with your partner, with yourself & your support network), to healthier practices (that will continue to benefit you through the childbearing year) and a rooted awareness to experience the whole process in the best way possible.


There’s no need to wait till the second line appears on the test to celebrate and nourish yourself for this tremendous journey.

Preconception Support May Include:

  • Access to my lending library of books & DVDs

  • Personalized visits/ consultations

  • Helping you understand how to track your cycle/ ovulation 

  • Provide the physical resources to use to help you track your cycle

  • 24/7 phone, text & email support 

  • Emotional, physical and educational support

  • Can attend appointments or procedures with you

  • Offering nourishing and uplifting services (such as pampering, herbal products, guided fertility meditations, etc.)

  • Offer fun exercises and activities 

  • Provide sexual health education and information

  • Henna adornment/ blessings

  • Early pregnancy education

  • Discounts on my classes, workshops & other Doula packages

  • and more



Single Appointments (2-3 hr.) $50-$75 

This package is for clients who would like a single consultation or a single support service. 


Nurtured Beginnings Package $350

This package is ideal for families who would like 3-4 personalized visits.


Nourished Beginnings Package $450

This package is ideal for first-time families or families who would enjoy extra nourishment in their conception journey. 5-6 prenatal visits.