“She filled us with hope, knowledge, peace and courage. I can’t imagine my pregnancy without this experience. It’s helped me immensely through this difficult but beautiful journey. This class helped me become closer to myself and the child I carry within me. I’m very blessed to receive the knowledge that Jenna shared with us.

Thank you so much Mother Willow.”




"I took a private prenatal class with Jenna and all I can say is WOW! What a wonderful class. She was such a joy and wealth of information for me! Thank you for being a piece of this wonderful journey with us!!'




Jenna was an incredible support at the birth of my son. It is hard to capture the feelings into words, but deep gratitude and love begin to touch on the experience she helped foster.



"...I'm going to miss the sessions!  You are a great instructor/facilitator, and the classes are exactly what I was hoping for."


"Jenna invests her heart and soul into her programming. She provides a warm and relaxed environment to learn and meet new friends. I looked forward to each and every prenatal class, and weekend workshops."




“Jenna was our doula for our VBAC birth and she helped to make it one of the most amazing adventures we have ever experienced. Throughout our pregnancy she provided us with information and research for different avenues we felt were important while remaining open-minded and supportive. During labour she was empathetic and respectful of our needs. We highly recommend Jenna because of her love for the industry, understanding of female empowerment and unwavering dedication to help make every woman feel heard in her birth journey. If there are any questions regarding her care and our experience, request our info and we will be happy to respond.”

Drew & Greg


"Jenna has a special place in our hearts. We welcomed her along our journey midway through our pregnancy. This was our first baby...we had no idea what to expect, what our options were and really any education on birth. All we knew is we were having a baby. Once Jenna joined us, we felt we had a voice, we became educated (she gave great advice and information - also lent us books from her library), and we were becoming excited!!! Unfortunately our journey did not go as planned, we rushed to the hospital with complications at 33 weeks. I called Jenna that night on way to the hospital, and she was calm and supportive. We didn't think our baby girl would join us that early...but she did. In the days to follow; Jenna was there for support. She came to the hospital after hearing the news of a rough surgery and she brought light, warmth and positivity. Jenna is truly gifted at what she does and I believe whole heartedly that she has found her calling. I highly recommend her services...I will be using Jenna for our next birth, and hopefully we will be able to have a natural birth. I honestly can't picture having a baby without her support! " 



"Having Jenna as my doula was one of the best decisions of my birth story. I had previously had a baby and it was a pretty amazing experience, but I had an epidural and most of my labor and delivery wasn't felt. I had told myself I would have a natural labor one day. Well the time came. I had seen that Jenna was a doula and I had been friends with her on FB for a while and loved the way she was so positive and loving with every aspect of life from what I could see. From our first meeting I could sense the love she had for life and birth. I told her my fears and she easily helped me turn them into something positive. At the beginning I was hoping I would have a natural labor but in the back or my mind I said "well if it gets real bad, I will just get an epidural". Then I was able to get in with a midwife and that was so exciting and made things more "real". The midwife said we could do the birth at home or at the hospital...I wanted to be able to do it at home but because I was scared and my back up plan was that "if it got real bad I would just get an epidural," I was still set on having a hospital birth....but Jenna helped me find strength in myself and so much so that I decided on giving birth in my home. It was the best decision of my life. It has forever changed the way I see the beauty of birth and how strong us women are. Through the whole experience she was right there beside me, talking to me so calmly that it helped me stay calm and when I told her I was scared and didn't know if I could do it, she knew exactly what to say to help me find my inner strength and keep going. She not only was there to emotionally give me strength she was also there, physically holding me, when my body had no more strength left in it. When things got scary I was able to just look into her eyes and find calm and peace. Even my midwife was in awe with Jenna. She told me that she was one of the best doula's she has ever worked with. Jenna not once treated me like a client but she treated me like a very dear friend and she will forever hold a place in my heart. "



I enjoyed every visit and moment Jenna has spent with our family. She is such an amazing and supportive person and I am very happy that she was apart of our journey and even though our journey of pregnancy has ended she is still very supportive postpartum as well. Thank you Jenna for everything.